“First, Massive Meter is a perfect answer to an issue I was having with my personal mix stage.  Visual versus physical real estate is an issue in my one-man s6 mixing setup.  I don’t really have the room or workflow to justify getting a s6 meter bridge or something more elaborate.  It’s a pretty self-contained system that can handle large mixes of all sorts, but geared for finishing on the bigger stages and setups.

I mix using meters more than I should probably admit publicly!  My mentors taught me to mix films by looking at the screen, not the console.  However, throughout the years, looking for specific visual feedback has become part of my process.  Quick glances at meters are my, to quote the movie “Mr. Mom,”  my “woobie.”  

I need the right meter ballistics to do this.  Whether it’s that security blanket to check what my ears are hearing, looking for peaks, seeing if the record tracks match the input, or just seeing if elements are going to the right place, the Massive Meter does this for me.

And, it travels with me now.  I can configure what I want to see and how I want to see it and take it to any stage for the ultimate consistency.”