About Us

Found & CEO – Bob Brown

Founded by software engineering veteran Bob Brown, Evergreen Audio Design Group specializes in building sophisticated media tools to enhance workflows and builds customized software based on individual client’s needs. Bob has previously worked at Avid where he provided engineering insights and direction for Pro Tools, Sibelius, and Media Composer. Other roles have included Xperi, as architect for post production tools such as MDA Creator Pro Tools AAX plug-in and MDA Control to enable complex workflows required for mixing immersive audio for feature films.

Our Story

The idea for a system to allow for a better metering solution that could be used in post-production stages came about when Brian Slack at Deluxe reached out to Bob Brown, asking how hard it would be to create some tools to display meter data on a different computer than Pro Tools system. Brian was looking for solutions to use on several stages, but they were expensive and difficult to configure and manage.

After building a few software prototypes, an early version of the Massive Meter and Massive Meter Bridge were created. Brian could test out and provide valuable feedback on how the software would work

Once the early version worked well enough, Bob spoke to several other well-known mixers in the industry to see what they thought about the solution. The response was… When can I buy it?

The Post Production Metering Suite was born.