Post Production Metering Suite

The Post Production Metering Suite is a flexible software package combining the Massive Meter AAX plugin and Massive Meter Bridge desktop application for viewing of multiple meters in a single, customizable view.

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What Our Artists Say…

“When working on multiple systems, or just one, viewing all of your elements can be a big problem.  Our consoles give us Pec/Direct metering, and our external meters allow us to see several elements in a large format but use up expensive I/O. 

We have been looking for a meter package like this for a long time.  It allows us to have customizable meters where we want them and view multiple tracks on multiple systems, using multiple formats in any way we need.  This is a game changer for our large studio and our edit bays.”

Brian Slack
Director, Technical Operations at Deluxe

“When working on a larger stage with multiple systems running, it is a must to have reliable and simple metering available to suss out signal issues and get an overall scope of your mix, especially when working on immersive projects with multiple deliverables. Bob’s plugin allows us to access visual feedback from all our playback rigs and stem recorder, all from one machine (or multiple ones if needed), with no patching or extra IO required.

The setup is super simple and easy to implement. I can bring up every 7.1.2 bed and object in a mix, pre RMU, plus any re-renders and stereo fold down meters onto one screen, customize each with its own color, labelling, and meter style, which makes things easy to locate quickly . This meter suite is super flexible and with the use of templates, makes it very easy to recall specific systems’ meters and custom layouts with the click of a mouse.”

Rob Marshall
Re-Recording Mixer – The Dub Stage

“The Massive Meter plugin fills a huge void in the arsenal of tools for the virtual studio. Finally, we can easily combine meter sources from multiple machines and display them wherever we like.

Metering multiple sources without the need to create vast additional external audio routing – this is really something I’ve been wanting for a long time. Massive Meter delivers!

Handling large sessions in immersive formats has really outstripped the ability of current metering solutions. massive Meter finally provides us with the ability to aggregate meters from different systems and display them easily wherever we like.”

Jonathan Wales
Re-Recording Mixer

A Powerful, All-In-One Post Metering Suite

The Post Production Metering Suite is a collection of tools to allow post-production studios to meter audio in a flexible and configurable way. The suite provides sophisticated tools for the professional post-production mix engineer to work faster, more accurately, and more efficiently.

The Post Production Metering Suite combines a Pro Tools AAX Meter plugin and a Massive Meter Bridge desktop application that works in conjunction to display all meters in a single, flexible view. 

When working with multiple mix engineers, each engineer can run their own Massive Meter Bridge application and configure and display which Meter plugins they are most interested in seeing. This allows each mix engineer to have a personal view of meter information independent of others.

Massive Meter Bridge Application

The real power of the Post Production Metering Suite is that the system can be set up to have multiple Massive Meter Bridge applications each with a customized view and each viewing Massive Meters on any Pro Tools system. This allows large post-production stages to have custom meter views for each mix engineer or multiple views for each mix engineer.


The Massive Meter Bridge Application requires the Massive Meter AAX plugin to operate. The option to purchase the Massive Meter Bridge application is an add-on to the Post Production Metering Suite to expand the capabilities of the systems.

Key Features

The Massive Meter Bridge can view multiple Massive Meter plugins independent of which computer the plugins are hosted on. No special hardware or a complicated second computer is needed, removing the considerable cost and complication associated with creating such a system.

The Massive Meter can be used on tracks of any channel format. As many Massive Meters as needed can be used in a single Pro Tools system. The Massive Meters operate independently of the Massive Meter Bridge applicaton and can be used on their own. 

Scalable For Your Studio

Meter as many audio tracks across as many computers as needed.

Meter From Anywhere

Run the Massive Meter Bridge on different computer than Pro Tools to save system resources.

Customized Meter Scaling

Resizeable user interface to use as little or as much screen real estate as desired.

Meter Focus

Meter Focus provides zooming into a specific meter in the Massive Meter Bridge.

One Time Setup

Create Templates to match Pro Tools Session Templates for fast setup. 

Customized Meter Colors

Independent coloring for each meter, with customizable meter and system names. 

Post Production Metering
Suite Standard

The Post Production Meter Suite combines the Massive Meter AAX plugin and the Massive Meter Bridge desktop application.

The suite provides 1 iLok-based license for the Massive Meter Bridge application and 4 licenses for the Massive Meter plugin.

Price $499

Massive Meter Bridge Application Additional Licenses

Additional licenses for the Massive Meter Bridge desktop application can be purchased separately to expand the system and allow multiple views of the Massive Meters.

Standard Price $249

Who Is It For?

Single Mixer

Suitable for one mixer operating one or more Pro Tools rigs who want to clearly see what the important meters are doing. Use the software to configure what meters you see from each Pro Tools rig.


Multiple Mixer

Suitable where there is a dialog, music, and sound effects (or other) mixers all working together. Each mixer can use the software to view the meters you are most interested in.

Supervising Mixer

As a supervising mixer or another person who is not mixing, you can have their own view of what they want to see, a specific view of meters you are interested in.

Supported Systems 

macOS Mojave 10.14 through Monterey 12.

Pro Tools 12 and above.

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