Post Production Metering Suite

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Where Can I Use It?

Live Sound

Front of house mixers can use the Massive Meter Bridge to monitor recording systems & other audio signals in a single, compact view.


Broadcast engineers can monitor meters from different systems to quickly troubleshoot and monitor audio broadcasting live.


Post Production

Both small studios and large mix stages can quickly meter all of the audio using the Massive Meter Bridge.

Who Is It For?

Single Mixer

Suitable for one mixer operating one or more Pro Tools rigs who want to clearly see what the important meters are doing. Use the software to configure what meters you see from each Pro Tools rig.


Multiple Mixer

Suitable where there is a dialog, music, and sound effects (or other) mixers all working together. Each mixer can use the software to view the meters you are most interested in seeing.

Supervising Mixer

As a supervising mixer or another person who is not mixing, you can have their own view of what they want to see, a specific view of meters you are interested in.


What Our Artists Say…

Benjamin Cook — Sound Editor, Designer, Supervisor, Foley & Re-recording Mixer

"The ability to monitor multiple systems, formats and ease of set up are what initially interested me, throw in flexible customization and the ability to recall setups quickly and I was sold. Finally, an effective and reliable metering solution that doesn’t require a digital film console or complicated routing setups. With the increase in the amount of immersive content being made and the additional deliverables required by these formats - it was a no brainer for me."

Fred Paragano — Re-Recording Mixer & Supervising Sound Editor

"I recently completed construction of a purpose built Dolby Atmos feature/TV dub stage in Los Angeles.  Designed by Russ Berger Design Group, the project is paramount in its quality, equipment compliment and technical design.  However, I never felt that I had a great solution for metering.  I wanted a no compromise solution that gave me immediate visual feedback for each machine’s I/O in the room.  Finding the Post Production Metering Suite was one of the most exciting discoveries in the entire studio build.  After working with a trial for a few days, I knew this was the solution I was...

Stephen Lipson — Record Producer & Songwriter

“The Post Production Metering Suite has filled a hole in my workflow. I now have the ability to see at a glance which stems have audio as well as any overs. Really useful.”

Matt Sherman — Re-Recording Mixer, SONOMATT

"Massive Metre Bridge has been a game-changer for me in my daily work. I wanted the ability to simulate expensive RTA meters that I see in large mix stages, in my home studio environment. These meters do that and more, they are even more flexible and customizable. MMB has given me the flexibility and accuracy that I need in every project. This software is more than just a tool - it's become an essential part of my workflow. In fact, I've even added a dedicated monitor screen for Massive Metre Bridge because it's that important to me. With its own monitor, I always have my stem meters at a...

Ryan Billia — Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer & Re-Recording Mixer

“Bob Brown and his team from Evergreen Audio have created something unique, but what makes it truly special is how they listen to folks working on mix stages every day, from large multi room facilities to smaller boutique studios, and make sure updates include things that are actually useful in the day to day work.  I couldn’t imagine mixing without it now.”

Michael Babcock — Re-recording Mixer & Sound Designer

"First, Massive Meter is a perfect answer to an issue I was having with my personal mix stage.  Visual versus physical real estate is an issue in my one-man s6 mixing setup.  I don’t really have the room or workflow to justify getting a s6 meter bridge or something more elaborate.  It’s a pretty self-contained system that can handle large mixes of all sorts, but geared for finishing on the bigger stages and setups. I mix using meters more than I should probably admit publicly!  My mentors taught me to mix films by looking at the screen, not the console.  However, throughout the years,...

Jonathan Wales — Re-recording Mixer

“The Massive Meter plugin fills a huge void in the arsenal of tools for the virtual studio. Finally, we can easily combine meter sources from multiple machines and display them wherever we like. Metering multiple sources without the need to create vast additional external audio routing – this is really something I’ve been wanting for a long time. Massive Meter delivers! Handling large sessions in immersive formats has really outstripped the ability of current metering solutions. massive Meter finally provides us with the ability to aggregate meters from...

Steven Ghouti — Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer

“The Massive Meter Bridge allows me to show what I need from any machine, on a screen placed beneath our cinema screen, and that can be tucked away if other users don't need it. We run the Massive Meter Bridge application on a standalone Mac, so we don't have to worry about screen real estate on the player or recorder rigs.”
Andreas Radzuweit

Andreas Radzuweit — Sound Post Production

“Massive Meter is a fantastic solution for us to mix small and large films in a flexible way. Especially when we work with two mixing engineers, the possibilities to display all relevant levels of the two mixing places are just great. The metering also makes a great impression on the directors and producers.”

Brian Slack — Director, Technical Operations at Deluxe

"When working on multiple systems, or just one, viewing all of your elements can be a big problem.  Our consoles give us Pec/Direct metering, and our external meters allow us to see several elements in a large format but use up expensive I/O.  We have been looking for a meter package like this for a long time.  It allows us to have customizable meters where we want them and view multiple tracks on multiple systems, using multiple formats in any way we need.  This is a game changer for our large studio and our edit bays."

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