“I recently completed construction of a purpose built Dolby Atmos feature/TV dub stage in Los Angeles.  Designed by Russ Berger Design Group, the project is paramount in its quality, equipment compliment and technical design.  However, I never felt that I had a great solution for metering.  I wanted a no compromise solution that gave me immediate visual feedback for each machine’s I/O in the room. 

Finding the Post Production Metering Suite was one of the most exciting discoveries in the entire studio build.  After working with a trial for a few days, I knew this was the solution I was looking for.  It is elegant, functional, easy to use and interfaced seamlessly into the facility without additional expensive hardware.

In my room setup, the meters are showcased on a large ultra-wide monitor at the front of the stage just below the screen.  At a single glance, I am able to see each of my four machine’s stem inputs, outputs and recorder print tracks with traditional style PEC-Direct metering.  I can easily customize layouts, colors and scale to make it even easier to focus exactly on what I want and need to see at any moment.  

Every project I work on is different.  This means that each job may require an alternate set of metering from the previous.  The Post Production Metering Suite makes it very easy to add, remove or modify on the fly without cumbersome routing headaches and setups.  

This software is innovative and impressive in its design.  It is functional, beautiful and easy to use. Truly one of the highlights of my new room.”